Monday, 18 July 2011


by Brent Bell

Since the first meeting, on 2 November 2009, to discuss the proposal
for Blueskin Bay FM88.2, the local community radio station has become
well established and is still broadcasting. I would like to thank all
those who helped to get Blueskin Bay FM88.2 where it is today. A
special thanks to the Waikouaiti Coast Community Board for the initial
funding and support, and to the Warrington School Board of Trustees
for allowing us to continue broadcasting from the school studio. I
would also like to thank Lindsay Scott and Mike McAlevy for arranging
the building materials and aerial equipment, and the people from the
local community who helped us struggle on 16 January 2010 to position
the aerial. Yes, it was a struggle but was worth it because the
aerial has withstood not only the airwaves broadcasting through it but
also the stormy weather we have had since that day.

Thank you to all Blueskin Bay FM88.2 committee members, including Peter Dowden
for his time and effort in making this happen, and Nathan Parker, the
Warrington School Principal and a committee member, for having the
vision to have Warrington School children involved in broadcasting
opportunities through the station, which has given children the
confidence to learn and share their knowledge. Warrington School
children have been broadcasting news and events for the
community since we started. Nathan has also invited Waitati School
children to be involved in broadcasting opportunities.

As this station has been built on community spirit we also welcome anyone in the
community to broadcast their own show whether music, storytelling,
drama or even the next big live music gig. I am sure in our wide
range of community people there is another 'Wolfman Jack', 'Kasey
Kasum' or even another 'Paul Holmes' who maybe living next door to you
just waiting for their broadcasting talents to be unleashed. The
committee is open to discussing any ideas that you have and want to
broadcast. Please remember that this is a COMMUNITY radio station, so
opportunity is there for you to use. As we are a community station and
broadcasting from Warrington School there are rules and regulations
that must be followed.

Our original proposal for funding from the Waikouaiti Coast Community
Board included the commitment that we would enable this station to be
used in an
emergency. We have not met that obligation at this point of time and
in the next few months we will be working towards an emergency power
supply. We are in discussion with a couple of community
people with knowledge in this field, and should have this resolved in a
few months. One of the main reasons for having this emergency power
supply is so Blueskin Bay FM88.2 can broadcast in a civil defence
emergency to our community. We will be working with Graeme Still, our
local Civil Defence Officer from the Dunedin City Council, and are in
ongoing talks with our local Fire Rescue Service at Waitati to work
together to formulate an emergency broadcasting plan.

We would like to thank the local people and businesses who gave us
sponsorship for 12 months, these include Blueskin General Store;
Lindsay Scott Builder; Frank Tainton Painter & Paperhanger; Alasdair
Morrison Caledonian Marine; Richard Templeton Bailing & Contracting
Services and Blueskin Media, the publishers of Blueskin News.
Sponsorship costs only $2.00 a week, so $104.00 per year, this allows
us to broadcast a little jingle thanking you for your sponsorship.
This jingle will be repeated several times throughout the day.

As we are into a new 12-month period we at Blueskin Bay FM88.2 are
needing further sponsorship, and will be approaching our present
sponsors and, of course, welcome more. This sponsorship allows us to pay
for our music licences and also helps towards our back-up emergency
power supply and ongoing maintenance. If you want to discuss this
sponsorship opportunity please contact Brent Bell on 482 1144.

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome two new Blueskin
Bay FM88.2 committee members: Nancy Todd and Patrick Moody. Nancy
will be broadcasting her health and music show on Monday nights from
approximately 7pm until 9pm, and Patrick will be broadcasting very
soon. In the next Blueskin News we will hopefully have a "who's who"
of what shows they will be broadcasting.

Blueskin Bay FM88.2 now has a telephone line into the station studio
which is also the Warrington School telephone line. You will be able to
phone the studio when the studio is being hosted. I have been
broadcasting a music show from 7pm until late on Saturday nights
featuring R & B, Soul, Pop, and Rock & Roll. On Saturday 6 August
2011 there will be a special show featuring the music and history of
Earth, Wind & Fire, the Commodores, and Kool and the Gang. I will also talk
about my experience of meeting and chatting with Earth, Wind & Fire.
This show will be co-hosted with Nancy, so tune into Blueskin Bay
FM88.2 for an exciting and informative evening of music and history.
We welcome you to phone us on this night -- 482 2605.

Ā ā Ē ē Ī ī Ō ō Ū ū
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