Thursday, 23 June 2011

Who Stole the Rooster Plate?

by Geraldine Tait

Who Stole the Rooster Plate? is the latest title in the murder mystery
series written by the famous local author G.S. Potato. In this book
the intrepid private investigator Sue Dunnit is drawn into a circle of
intrigue and danger when she is asked to solve the mystery of the
missing plate. During the Woo Ball, the social event of the year in
the trendy little village of Whytaty, a very valuable antique plate is
stolen from the supper table. The village people are stunned and
shocked by this terrible crime and there is a great deal of
speculation as to who the thief might be. The plate has a very
distinctive pattern of roosters around the rim so anyone who owns
poultry is, of course, under suspicion. Gossip and unkind accusations
are rife in the village, which makes Sue Dunnit's job very difficult.
Sue has to go undercover to spy on the local population for clues as
to who took the plate. She drives around the village in a large green
tractor with an old brown hat pulled down over her eyes. She wears a
dreadlock wig, smokes weed and watches the shop from the bus stop
across the road. She joins the local volunteer fire brigade hoping
that, on practice night, someone will reveal information about the
whereabouts of the plate. She joins the local library and borrows a
book about solar-powered bicycles. But it's not until she attends a
screening at the local film society that the terrible truth of the
missing plate is revealed, and Sue only just survives a close
encounter with a long and depressing German film. To order your copy
of this Potato blockbuster (be in early before it hits the bookshop
shelves) phone 4822 517. Reviewed by Penny Hennie.

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