Monday, 20 June 2011



By Paul Sirota

The Blueskin Youth Centre Association (BYCA) serves the Blueskin Bay
community with a focus on providing services and amenities to the
youth and families of the area. Our catchment is essentially the
watershed for the Bay, which includes the townships of Waitati,
Warrington and environs. Recently, the BYCA has attracted funding to
produce a feasibility study for a project that is based on community
need here in Blueskin Bay. Hence, we require that some impartial
consultation is conducted with stakeholder groups within our community
so as to assess current and future needs. The work requirement will
essentially identify some common needs and produce a feasibility study
for a project which most effectively meets some of these needs. We are
in the process of engaging an independent consultancy to carry out
this work in the interest of impartiality and to try and maximise
community participation and endorsement.

If you belong to an association, club or group, etc. in Blueskin Bay,
the consultancy is likely to be in touch with a spokesperson for your
group in the next month or so. We are endeavoring to identify as many
stakeholders as possible to provide a list of contacts to the
consultants. We are compiling this list so that recommendations from
the consultation will be distilled from the greatest cross-section of
the community possible (..and to save some money by doing some of the
initial footwork for them). So, we are inviting you to put your
thinking caps on and come up with ideas for an amenity or service that
you believe would benefit our community. If you don't belong to some
type of group or association within the community and still want to
have your idea heard, then maybe leave your suggestion down at the
library with Louise.

Ā ā Ē ē Ī ī Ō ō Ū ū
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