Thursday, 23 June 2011


by Scott Willis

Firstly, a clarification regarding an article on the Blueskin
Resilient Communities Trust (BRCT) in last month's issue ('BRCT
honoured in community awards'). BRCT provides an umbrella service and
assistance at the request of several sustainability initiatives in
Blueskin Bay, and, in fact, emerged to fill this need rather than
being the originator of these initiatives. However, BRCT is much more
hands-on in the energy sphere and the Waitati Energy Project, as this
initiative is seen as providing a vehicle that will over time help
build up community resilience and assist other projects. BRCT seeks to
enhance existing creativity and passion and ensure that initiatives
can thrive and enrich our community.

In late May BRCT was invited to a DCC-organised 'Community Builders
Hui'. More than anything this was a wonderful occasion to meet other
community groups around Dunedin, and what was clear to all present was
the incredible value of local media. As such it was a timely reminder
of how important our noteworthy Blueskin News is, not only for us but
also for effectively projecting Blueskin dynamism beyond our

June was a very full month for the BRCT, mainly around organising the
'Democratising Energy' Hui at Karitane. Kati Huirapa Runaka were
generous hosts for the hui, providing a wonderful mihi/welcome when
visitors arrived at the marae, and ensuring success by helping out
with all the IT needs, etc. BRCT is excited by our strengthening
relationship with the runaka, and with our ongoing relationship with
the Hikurangi Foundation that enabled the hui (see the WEP column for

BRCT (in mid June) is awaiting the results of funding applications in
support of two initiatives: Waitati Energy Project (Blueskin Power)
and Waitati Open Orchards, and of course most groups supported by BRCT
have been busy in June, with mulching, pruning and feasting and
dancing by WOO, WEP's hui, and Get-the-Train's ongoing lobbying via
submissions for a local passenger rail service.

Established in 2008, BRCT aims to assist groups and individuals in
Blueskin Bay to address the opportunities and vulnerabilities
associated with climate change and 'peak oil'. The trust's main
community action is energy, and we provide umbrella services to
Waitati Edible Gardeners, Get-The-Train, and Blueskin Low Oil
Commuting. BRCT trustees and officers are Lynnaire Johnston, Antony
Deaker, Simon Sheppard, Ross Johnston, Tony Wilson and Gerry
Carrington, and Jeanette Fitzsimons is the trust's patron. See the
notice this month for information on the BRCT's annual general meeting
in July.

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