Saturday, 21 May 2011

Warrington School writers contribute to Blueskin News

Warrington School writers contribute to Blueskin News

By the editors

From this month senior students and staff from Warrington School will
be contributing articles to Blueskin News.

"Our school target this year is to improve writing skills and we see
contributing to the Blueskin News as a unique way of doing this,"
principal Nathan Parker said.

This month we welcome reporters Regan Burrell, Isaac Francis, Indy
Perry, Florence Sorrel,
Naomi Ashby-Ryan and June Anderson, and poets Miya El-Dessouky and
Florence Sorrel.

Most newspapers append young writers' names with their ages; the
Blueskin News editors have not done this because their writing is as
good as many other contributors and there is no particular need to
single out younger writers.

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