Monday, 23 May 2011

Warrington Playcentre report

Hope you've all been enjoying those moments of sunshine and warmth in
amongst the joys of a Dunedin autumn!

We've been enjoying crunching the dry leaves and mostly munching the
wonderful ripe cranberries that grow at our Playcentre. Many children
have been spotted fossicking in the branches – as have the Mums who go
off to create culinary delights such as apple and cranberry pies and
white chocolate and cranberry muffins, ah autumn!

We've also been trying to get our Wild Things Development moving,
helped immensely by Otago Power Services and their woodchips – thank
you so very much! The Garden Club have also very generously made a
donation for us to purchase some plants and we are looking out for
something special to remember them with.

Quite a lot of laying weed-mat and shovelling woodchips is the next
step, as is creating a sturdy pathway through our patch. If you are
doing an autumn clean-up and find you have something that may be
useful (natives, grasses, rocks, stones, wood, logs etc) feel free to
contact us (Lisa 4822 511, Playcentre 027 227 7329) or drop off at the

Ella and Arlo are celebrating birthdays at the end of May, and Charlie
halfway through June. We all send big happy birthday greetings to you
all and hope you have fabulous celebrations (and as always, lots of

As mentioned in last month's edition, we are looking for a special
someone to join us on Wednesdays in a paid position. You must have at
least Course 2 qualifications. Please contact us if interested!

If you are interested in joining us this year we are open Wednesdays
and Fridays 9:15am to 12:15pm, phone the Playcentre 027 227 7329.
Everyone welcome!

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