Monday, 16 May 2011

Notes from the president

As Blueskin Media approaches another "end of year" with our AGM coming
up, it is time to acknowledge a few of those who have helped us over
the past months (a fraught process; there's the danger of leaving
someone out, for which I give extra special thanks and apologies to
whoever you are).

A very big thank-you to my fellow co-editors Craig Marshall, Laurence
Hay, Lynnaire Johnston and Rosemary Penwarden. It is great to have
such a big team involved, which helps prevent any one of us getting
burned out.

Our treasurer, Coleen Hastie, keeps us focussed and maintains friendly
relations with our advertisers.

Our contributors who send in columns and articles keep our newsletter
(and our community) lively.

Our distribution team of Bev Lyon, Brent Bell, Heather Bell and Kelvin
Lyon and our printers at the Hamraki Rag do their best to get it all
out there on time.

Our donors, dropping off donations at Blueskin General Store and
Blueskin Bay Library, and those advertisers who regularly 'round up'
their bill payments, have helped us provide a whopping total of
$2,770.00 worth of free advertising to charitable community groups in
the past financial year.

Our readers and community are important too. You can help by coming
along to our AGM: get involved or just ask awkward questions to hold
us accountable.

I have been in Blueskin News the longest of our team and I'm moving
aside now to let newer members take over. I'd like to be thought of as
'outgoing' rather than 'retiring'. It remains for me to thank my
former team-mates Michael Hurley, Polly Higham, Louise Booth and
Louise Burnside: Blueskin News is still benefiting from their past

Peter Dowden
Blueskin Media

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