Sunday, 22 May 2011

NEWS: Power line falls on road at Warrington

Photos by Peter Dowden to follow...

Power line falls on road at Warrington

By Florence Sorrel

At 9.30am on 12 May the power at Warrington was cut off by a branch
blown from a tree at 20 Park Road.

The wind was very strong and trees had been blown down all over
Dunedin cutting out power to various areas of the city.

Volunteer firefighter Sharon Brogan said "When we were told to come
we were really rushed but now we're here we just sit around waiting
[for the electrician]".

"The power will probably be restored by tonight" Sharon said.

One line was down across the intersection of Bank Rd and Park Rd and
fire engines were used to block the street.

Power was returned to the township at 2.30pm.

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