Monday, 23 May 2011

EVENT REVIEW: Stone carving workshop


Stone carving workshop, 7 May, Te Whare Arohanui, Waitati

By Karen Jacquard

On a damp Saturday morning a group of 14 people gathered for a warm
welcome to Te Whare Arohanui to begin a weekend workshop of Oamaru
stone carving run by renowned local sculptor, Moira Crossman.
Assisting with advice, encouragement and technical support were four
other experienced sculptors, Alex Whittaker, John K, Des Wanoa Khufu
and Marcus Wainwright.

For most participants this was our first experience of working with
Oamaru stone, and Moira very quickly had us working on a small block
in order to learn how to use the basic tools and get an impression of
what carving stone feels like.

We then started working on a larger piece for the remaining day and a
half, as did the five sculptors each working on their own piece, which
was fascinating to watch.

I found working with the stone to be absolutely absorbing, and I heard
many others comment about it's addictiveness! At the end we all looked
around in wonder at what we had all achieved – each of us has a
wonderful garden sculpture to be proud of.

I'm sure we all have great memories of wonderful shared food, and
happy cameraderie whilst sawing, chipping, sanding, drilling, and
sanding some more. The workshop, which was partly funded by the DCC,
was incredibly good value and loads of fun.

The sculptures were exhibited in the courtyard at Gallery on Blueskin
during May.

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