Saturday, 21 May 2011

'Bossy' students help others

'Bossy' students help others

By Isaac Francis

BBOSI (pronounced "bossy", short for Blueskin Bay Open Source
Initiative) based at Warrington School are working on a project to
recycle computers and give them away to those who need one.

Our aim is to spread the knowledge of Open Source software such as
Ubuntu, teach digital independence and recycle computers.

Last week we sent a free computer to a man in Dunedin so he could go
on Gmail to video-chat to his grandchildren in Auckland. It was
awesome that we could give him a computer ready to go, we also gave
him some music applications on the computer.

We have got a lot more computers to give away. If you would like one
come and talk with one of our BBOSI team - Isaac, Shea, Finn, Indy and
Joshua or phone Warrington School on 482 2605.

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