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Subject: Article for Blueskin News
By Jenny O'Neill

We continue to have a wonderful group of regulars coming to enjoy a
special time of music, movement, rhyme and play.
It is really neat when you see the little ones grow in confidence and
participation as they learn the songs and actions while getting to use
the various handmade instruments and props we have.
We are currently doing songs that include various 'shapes'; that means
the old favourites of "The wheels on the bus", "Jack in the box" and
of course "Twinkle, twinkle, little star".
With the winter chills and ills approaching all too fast we are going
to have a winter theme at the start of June. We would love you to join
us so if you would like to get out, get moving and warm up while
having special and fun time with your littlies. Pease come along any
Tuesday during school term time.
Each music session is followed by a free hot cuppa and a yummy morning
tea for both the children and caregivers.
All are welcome and you can just turn up on Tuesdays 10am at the
Waitati Hall. The cost is $2 per child or $3 for a family. Any queries
please just hone or text Jenny on 027 378 7258.

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