Friday, 20 May 2011



By Lyn Hastie

Our May meeting was enjoyed by 21 members with a meal and get together
at the Tall Poppy, Port Chalmers. Members enjoyed a good old get
together, a delicious meal and a quiz which had us all thinking.
Amazing how much there is to know about gardening - always something
to learn.

We elected our office bearers President Glenys Clements, Vice
President Lyne Carlyle, Secretary Lyn Hastie, Treasurer Marilyn
Richardson, Committee members Lesley Smith, Daphne Henderson, Norma
Dick, Marg Meder and Rowena Park.

We look forward to planning our next year's programme when the
committee meet next week. We meet monthly, usually on the second
Thursday night of the month. However sometimes we go out and about and
during the winter we often have a hands-on making day (or two) on a

Last year some of our activities included a visit to the Ecosanctuary,
a speaker from the Hawksbury Lagoon, plant propagation, flax weaving,
necklace creating, flower arranging, stone pot making, garden visits
and a posh picnic to celebrate the end of the year.

As you see, our activities are many and varied and you don't need to
be a gardener to join us. We are a friendly, welcoming group so if you
would like to meet some folk from the Blueskin Bay area feel free to
join us. You can contact any of the above officers or call Glenys 482
2640 or Lyn 482 2896.

We will be hosting our annual Spring Flower Show on the last weekend
of September. Look in the Blueskin News for what's on each month.

PS: We have a committee meeting on Monday 23rd.

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