Thursday, 21 April 2011


Photo: Jackie Fanning with her W3 sign


by Jackie Fanning

Worried about petrol price increases and wanting to find ways to
reduce your spending and carbon footprint?

Maybe it's time to reconsider the Waitati Warrington Waikouaiti
Rideshare scheme (W3) to get to and from work. The thought of standing
by the road wondering how long it will take to get a lift is probably
not that appealing at this time of year. However, if enough people get
involved then W3 has the potential to really work.

Getting a lift to town from the Blueskin Nursery entrance is usually
really easy. I reckon if enough people make the effort to drive past
the NZ Blood building (on Cumberland St, the one-way street heading
north) and see if anyone is waiting for a lift home, then people won't
have to wait too long at this central pickup point.

It's this early stage that's difficult as people go past these pick-up
points (the old Willowbank Motorcourt site at the bottom of Pinehill
is also one) and often not see folk and when you are waiting it may
seem for quite a while (always less than 20 min I've found) – it makes
it all seem in the too hard/not worth your while basket.

I don't wear the W3 armband but hold up the sign (see photo). You can
get these from the Blueskin Bay Library (ask for two if need be – one
for your car). It is also good to have a sign visible in your car
(back window passenger side is fine) then people know they are getting
a lift with someone who is part of W3.

A $2 donation is part of the deal – so please offer it! I just leave
$2 somewhere in the car as some people feel awkward about accepting

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