Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Man Freed From Cage

By Lynnaire Johnston

Waitati animal rights activist Carl Scott was last week freed from the
cage he has been occupying on the main road in Waikouaiti for the past
Carl, well known locally and online for his anti-animal cruelty
stance, received national media coverage for giving up his usual life
to draw attention to the plight of caged hens. While a change is being
planned to the appalling conditions that our egg-layers live in, Carl
does not believe the changes go far enough.
He chose to highlight the issue by spending a month in a cage that was
similar in size to that occupied by chickens, relative to his size. It
was not large enough for him to stand up and was only metres from the
busy highway.
Carl's efforts have been supported by animal welfare group SAFE, with
many visitors dropping by his cage to offer moral support. Some have
even worn chicken outfits and carried placards to draw even more
attention to the issue.
Carl celebrated his "release" with a vegan potluck dinner at Waitati
Hall last Friday night with his supporters.
To add your voice to those wanting better living conditions for caged
hens, visit nocages.org.nz

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