Friday, 22 April 2011

Blueskin Resilient Community Trust

By Simon Sheppard

April started with the Waitati A&P show where BRCT's
project manager Scott Willis manned and hosted an information stand on
behalf of the variety of community initiatives that fall under the
umbrella of the BRCT. These include the Waitati Energy Project (WEP),
Waitati Edible Gardeners (WEGgies), Get the Train (GTT) and Blueskin
Low Oil Commuters (BLOC).
Gatherings such as the A&P show are important opportunities for the
community to reflect on the vision and aims of the BRCT as it looks to
assist these groups to move forward on their individual community
sourced themes and goals.
Scott hosted some lively discussions and
came away with offers of volunteer support and plenty of thoughts for
keeping the momentum being generated by these projects in line with
the community spirit.

On this theme, plans are being put together to start a new round of
the WEP Community Engagement Project to canvas the opinions of
residents of Blueskin Bay with regards to local community based power
generation and energy efficiency initiatives. Keep an eye on this
column and the blackboard on Harvey Street for details on official
events or give us a call any time to air your views at 482 2048.

This month also saw the patron of the BRCT, Jeanette Fitzsimmons give
a talk at the University titled "Keep The Coal In The Hole: Why
Southland Lignite Shouldn't Be Mined".

News from under the BRCT umbrella is that the WEP is making progress
in its joint venture investigation with OWL (Our Wind Limited), with
the recent delivery of wind measuring equipment to a site on Porteous
Road as part of the efforts of WEP and OWL to further generate
information on the 'wind profile' of the Blueskin Bay area.

Finally, the Blueskin Community Directory, produced by the Waitati PTA
and strongly supported by the BRCT, is full of Civil Defence
information, local groups and businesses, local services and of course
all our local numbers in a slim, elegant and well laid out format.
Buy a copy from the Waitati School office during school
hours or ask the PTA is to deliver a copy. Give them a
call (482 2888), or put your name on any of the Blueskin Directory
forms around Blueskin for delivery.

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