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Blueskin Bay Library News May 2011

In May we once again celebrate Music Month and our very own Waitati
Ukulele Orchestra will perform at Gallery on Blueskin on Saturday 21
May at 12pm. The theme is 'Kiwi girl rock chick music' and Metiria
Turei will be there too. This will be an open mic so be sure to bring
anything musical with you that you can share with the greater
community. Please spread the word to your friends and family. There
are many other free live performances around the Dunedin Public
Libraries network so be sure to pop by and pick up a timetable.

Carolyn our fiction guru has replenished our fiction shelves with an
eclectic mixture of fiction to hopefully tantalise the taste buds of
our fiction readers who have read out our current fiction collection.
Carolyn kept in mind what your tastes are so please come back and
visit us and take out some of the new fiction.

Recently the library has been packed to the rafters and heavily used
which is the way we want it to be. Sadly we have had one or two
incidents where unsupervised small children have got behind the desk,
or outside the library. Luckily no one has been hurt but we are
concerned that an accident could happen. Please parents remember that
your children are your responsibility. Library staff can not take
responsibility for unsupervised children. Because the library is so
small and congested we all need to take care and be respectful of one

East Otago Sustainable Action Goup hosts:

Keep it Local – create and share a database of sustainable products to
harvest and purchase

WHERE: Blueskin Library

WHEN: Thursday 19 May, 7pm

NOTES: Bring knowledge of local resources (food gathering, compost
materials etc) and local products to buy. The information will be
typed up on the night and sent out to our group and kept as a valuable
resource at both the Blueskin Bay and Waikouaiti libraries. Everyone

Staff Hot Picks


DVD – Second hand lions. (A good family movie)

Gran's kitchen: recipes from the notebooks of Dulcie May (A lot of old
favourite recipes)


Fostering by Emma Neale

Island beneath the sea by Isabel Allendale


Gypsy boy by Mikey Walsh

Radio Shanri-La by Lisa Napoli

A successful journalist working for public radio in Los Angeles,
Napoli hit a wall. Burned out and overwhelmed by regret, she wondered
how to recharge her life. Enter a friend of a friend with connections
to the tiny Himalayan country of Bhutan. In 2006, this Buddhist
kingdom, long cocooned against the outside world, launched a new youth
radio station, Kuzoo FM (kuzoo zampo means hello). Would Napoli like
to volunteer as a consultant? So begins a love affair with a land
unlike any other, a bond that lifts Napoli out of her blues and
enriches the lives of the young people with whom she works. The
stories of the wildly popular station are charming and gracefully
revealing as Napoli shares her experiences of Bhutan's magnificent
landscape, fiery cuisine, and open-handed daily life in a society that
measures its achievements not with a Gross National Product but,
rather, with Gross National Happiness. Napolis engaging keenly
observed, and informative chronicle captures Bhutan mid-metamorphosis
as it transforms itself into a democracy and as media and the Internet
redefines the Bhutanese concept of contentment. --Donna Seaman

Our audio visual collection has just been changed over so we have on
offer some newish DVDs, CDs and talking books for all ages. We also
receive about 15 brand new books which are put on display just as you
enter the library. We also have a colourful new bean bag in the
children's area which has proved popular. To reduce congestion in the
library we have also bought an outside table and four chairs to use
for your use during library hours. Remember Blueskin Bay Library is
your library and we are here to help you enjoy the experience.

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