Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Blueskin Resilient Communities Trust

By Scott Willis

Grass Roots Gig
A great big and heartfelt thank you to all the community volunteers
who made the inaugural GRG a wonderful night. Dana, I can report,
loved his Blueskin experience (thanks especially to Kay, Jenny and PJ,
and Sue H) and everyone I've spoken to has been so complementary of
the performers – Kay, Dana, Antony, the Blueskin Vista Social Club and
Those Fillers. Thank you to everyone involved: Carl, Xavier, Leonie,
Hank, PJ and Jenny, Kay, Simon and Lucy, Sue H, Pip, Jenna, Nicky, Jan
and Dave and the rest! To those who asked hopefully if there will be
more GRGs, I think I can confidently say a big YES! Xavier's photos
taken at the Grass Roots Gig can be seen online at:

Charity Auction for Christchurch
The Grass Roots Gig raised almost $300 (after costs) to help sustain
the BRCT and services for community initiatives. The Charity Auction,
which took place during the GRG, raised money to rebuild Christchurch
resilience. All profits from the auction (a total of now over $3320)
will now be donated to 'Project Lyttleton' to use in work that
supports people affected by the earthquake. A huge thank-you to all
the individuals, groups and businesses who donated goods and services.

Project Lyttelton
Lyttelton is Christchurch's port town with its own identity, much like
Blueskin Bay. It is joined to the city by road and rail tunnels and
two road passes, and has a population of 3000. 'Project Lyttelton' is
a strong grass roots community group (and charitable trust) with a
vision of creating a vibrant and sustainable community. This
volunteer-run organisation has initiated projects like a time bank, a
farmers' market, community gardens, energy projects, The Lyttelton
News, festivals etc (see www.lyttelton.net.nz). Just like groups in
the Blueskin area 'Project Lyttelton' is well aware of the global
issues of peak oil, climate change, and financial collapses, and has
been consciously working at a local level on these issues. The
earthquake destroyed virtually all their heritage buildings, yet
caused mercifully few local fatalities. Their preparedness and
resilience resources proved their worth on the ground during the first
days of the crisis and provides inspiration and tools for other
Christchurch communities.

Our Wind Ltd
The Memorandum of Understanding signed with OWL on the 9th of March
will enable some of the trickier questions around community wind to be
addressed. This MoU is similar to other MoUs BRCT holds with other
parties in that it helps ensure a trusting relationship is maintained,
but is also crucially different in that it could lead to a stronger
relationship in the form of a partnership if there is community

BRCT gratefully acknowledges the support of Lotteries which have
approved a bid for funding to support the project management of the
community renewable energy project.

Community Directory
Six months from conception to delivery by a dedicated team of
community volunteers and the Waitati PTA, the Community Directory is
now on sale for a mere $8 at the library and the shop. BRCT is a proud
supporter of this project.

About the Blueskin Resilient Communities Trust
Established in 2008, BRCT's main community action is energy and it
provides umbrella services to Waitati Edible Gardeners, Get-The-Train
and Blueskin Low Oil Commuting. BRCT trustees and officers are
Lynnaire Johnston, Antony Deaker, Simon Sheppard, Ross Johnston, Tony
Wilson, and Gerry Carrington. Jeanette Fitzsimons is the trust's
patron. More information on the Trust's vision, mission, objectives
and activities is available on the Transition Waitati webpage:
www.transitiontowns.org.nz/waitati or by contacting me on 03 482 2048.

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