Saturday, 19 March 2011


by Louise Booth

Kia ora from your library staff. Autumn is here with smells of fruit,
damp leaves and that low-lit brilliance in the air. Longer nights are
coming and you will be needing books or DVD's or music to sustain you.
This is when we can help. We can help in other ways as well, as you
will find out below.


Some of you may not be aware that free wi-fi is available at all
Dunedin libraries. We appreciate that seating space is not exactly
ample at Blueskin, and so to supplement our few chairs we have put a
table and chairs outside on the verandah for use in milder weather.
On chilly days, sit in the warmth of your car and access the wi-fi
from there, as long as you don't need to come in for a power point.

Warrington outreach

This year we are continuing to visit Warrington School once a
fortnight -- Wednesday, 2-3pm. The school holidays are coming up and
so the only visit this month will be 6 April. On our school visit we
also welcome the rest of the community to drop off books and other
items for return to the library. Save petrol! Stroll over to the
school and let us take your books back.

Waitati School visits

We are glad to report that Monday afternoons are a busy time for the
library as between 2pm and 3pm we are visited by Waitati School. The
library hums in the best possible way.

Staff recommendations

These are some of the books we have been reading lately and would
recommend to you:


'The Colour Purple' by Alice Walker
'The Alchemist' and 'Eleven Minutes,' both by Paulo Coelho.


'Idlewild' by Nick Sagan
'Juno of Taris' by Fleur Beale (young adult)
'What are Old People for? How Elders will Save the World' by William Thomas

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