Tuesday, 8 February 2011

What is Qi-qong?

What is Qi-qong?

by Jay Baker

Qi-gong is a practice that improves health, physical posture and
trains the mind giving more clarity and focus. Qi-gong works on qi
(pronounced "chee"), the life force of our body and also the essential
building block of the universe. Qi is something unfamiliar to a lot of
people in the West, yet many people have had experiences of it, and it
often takes very little practice to develop sensitivity. It is the
most major element of traditional Chinese culture and Chinese

To understand how Qi-gong works we must understand that where the mind
goes qi will follow. What this means is that our habits and patterns
of thinking affect our physical health. Take a pattern as simple and
common as stress, this is seen as the emotional state of over thinking
and is related to the spleen. It has the effect of knotting qi up,
causing change to the flow of qi in the whole body and as a result
changing the body itself.

Qi-gong aims to repair the damage by working directly on our qi. To do
this we use physical exercises and various other techniques to train
the mind and help it focus inward. At the same time we need to learn
to become more self aware and to work on clearing negative patterns so
our health can improve.

I have been practicing Zhineng Qi-gong and Ren Xue for 5 years and I
am half way though the teacher training. There are a number of
practitioners in Dunedin and New Zealand. Once a year there is a
two-week retreat held in Christchurch by the founder of the Ren Xue
system, Yuan Tze. The last retreat had 160 people attending, including
over 40 from other countries.

I teach a Qi-gong class at Waitati Hall on Tues 6.00. On 9 April my
friend Ans and I plan to run a Qi-qong day at the Waitati Hall, with a
workshop in the first method of Zhineng Qi-gong. Everyone is welcome
to come for as little or as long as they like.

- Jay Baker: jugglerjay@hotmail.com

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