Thursday, 24 February 2011

Libraries’ Partnership with APNK


Wednesday, 23 February 2011 marks the first anniversary of the
partnership between Aotearoa People's Network Kaharoa (APNK) and
Dunedin Public Libraries. APNK provides free internet and computer
access in public libraries so all New Zealanders can benefit from
accessing, experiencing and creating digital content.
Staff of the Dunedin libraries are delighted with the overwhelmingly
positive response from the community and the impressive statistics
that reflect the system's popularity.

APNK has enabled a new generation of users to take advantage of
library services. APNK provided the Dunedin Public Libraries with 35
computers, with a variety of applications installed, to enable library
users to access and create digital content.
In its first year, the free wifi service has been accessed more than
25,000 times, computers with broadband internet have been used more
than 100,000 times and more than 800,000 different websites have been

It has been a very busy 12 months for all the Dunedin public
libraries. With the added impetus of the expanded free computer
access, there has been a marked increase in enquiries and visitors, as
well as many positive accolades from satisfied customers.

Library Services Manager Bernie Hawke, says, 'As technology
progresses, more and more people in our society are expected to
communicate and be literate in the digital world, so this partnership
of libraries and technology is very fitting and we are delighted with
the APNK collaborative model'.

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