Sunday, 20 February 2011

Citizen's Advice Bureau Awareness Week March 7-14

Not Sure? Ask your Citizens Advice Bureau!

In the last three months of 2010, Citizens Advice Bureaux throughout New
Zealand dealt with over 120,000 enquiries on every topic, ranging from how
to have documents signed to requests for help to negotiate traumatic and
complicated family situations.

In Dunedin, legal services, consumer problems, uncertainty around employment
and tenancy rights, and neighbourhood disputes were among our top enquiries.

Often the enquiry the person comes in with proves to be the tip of the
iceberg. The client may have a lot going on, and our
volunteers are able to sit down with them and work through each issue to
make sure their situation gets properly addressed.

People also come in for directions, or to use the phone or fax.

We offer information, advice and - if needed - advocacy (practical
assistance on someone's behalf) on just about anything. If people are not
sure who to approach about something, or what to do next they can ask us.

Our Bureau hosts specialist free clinics, such as Consumer, Advocacy and
Justice of the Peace clinics.

There are a number of ways people can access us. There's nothing like the
personal help that comes from face-to-face contact, 301 Moray Place,
Dunedin, but people unable to come into our Bureau can also email us,, ring us on 471 61 66 or 0800 367 222 or find us on
the website -

Our website offers a gateway to all the information we hold on people's
rights, and people can also use it to access the hundreds of community
organisations in the Dunedin area (or the thousands of community
organisations around New Zealand). If a community organisation is not
listed that you think should be there, let us know.

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