Sunday, 23 January 2011

Waitati gets its skates on

Waitati gets its skates on

by the editors

The construction of a skateboarding park for young people in Waitati
is now well under way and it can be seen taking shape at Bland Park
alongside State Highway 1.

Paul Clements of the Blueskin Youth Centre Association told Blueskin
News that the committee is proud to be able to bring to fruition a
tangible asset for the youth of the area.

After spending some time discussing an indoor facility,the association
went back to their original concept of providing a skateboarding and
hard court area for youth at Bland Park, based on working concepts
such as Twizel Skate Board Park.

"We planned and priced a building which we envisaged would serve the
community as a centre for many activities such as Playcentre, youth,
indoor activities of many varieties, community room, etc, but due to
several factors including local stakeholders' groups withdrawing,
neighbours' concerns, and other considerations, we changed direction,"
Paul said.

Paul said the iniative had been progressed by a substantial
underwriting form a local resident to see the project finished.

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