Friday, 21 January 2011


by Scott Willis

We have moved! The new BRCT office is now located in the old dental
clinic at Waitati School. Our new office is comfortable and well
suited to BRCT activities, and it's exciting to be more closely aligned
with Waitati's most dynamic hub institution – the school. There are
still piles of paper to be sorted, books to be restacked, and general
order to be made, but then all around us classrooms are changing: paint is going on, other offices are being moved -- it's a busy dynamic
place. As always, visitors are welcome, preferably after 3pm. Many
thanks to Mark and Rayna Dickson for their support of BRCT over so
long and this move is a change in location, not focus.

We're holding a family funraiser on Monday, 7 March, in Waitati
Hall (any profits will help cover the costs of our office transition).
We've been lucky enough to get Dana Lyons, freshly arrived from the US
of A on his world tour, to headline Blueskin Bay's inaugural Grass
Roots Gig. Have you heard his No.1 'Cows with Guns'? Dana is
promising topical songs, love songs, comedy and inspiration. He's
played with Neil Young and Willie Nelson among others. Described as 'an
out-of-control Johnny Cash', Dana promises to shake Blueskin Bay. The
question is, will we be inundated by country rock fans from all over
Otago? Check out for some
music samples.

Community Directory
Finally in 2011 the long awaited community directory will appear.
Anyone who's lived in Blueskin Bay a decade or more will recall what a
fantastic, essential resource the community directory is and how
copies of the 2000 edition have become treasures in their own right – artifacts that document
the community changes through time. Laurence Hay is co-ordinating the
directory, working closely with Waitati School PTA and with Geraldine
Tait. I am looking forward to getting my copy because my old one
fell apart some years ago and now I have to struggle through the Otago
book for local numbers.

Current Focus
Trustees are supporting the Community Environment Fund bid to develop
energy initiatives and have been busy assisting with business plans,
strategic guidance and developing partnerships. There has also been
important 'behind the scenes' work going on ensuring transparent and
efficient systems to make certain that BRCT remains a dynamic, action-enabling
charitable trust. The trust now has one employee (myself) and will
soon host an international intern, and is supported by a number of
dynamic and greatly appreciated volunteers.

Scott Willis
Project Manager
Waitati Energy Project (Blueskin Power)
03 4822048

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