Friday, 19 November 2010


by Meaghan Kelly

This last month at Warrington Tae Kwon Do has been fairly exciting.
Three members attended a grading at Port Chalmers -- the usual testing
mix of sparring, patterns, self defence demonstrations, and exercise,
exercise and more exercise. Congratulations to Christine Rainbow,
Imogen Corbett and Lucan Willis, who did themselves and all of us
proud by passing to a very high standard. Christine graded to yellow
belt, green tab, and Lucan and Imogen graded to green belt, blue tab –
halfway to black belt.

Also this month Paul Foley and I attended a poomsae (patterns) seminar
in Wellington with Master Ky-tu Dang, a Vietnamese-born, Danish tae
kwon do tenth dan. We spent three entire days learning about and
practising patterns the way they are performed and judged in
international competitions. It was exhausting physically and mentally
but extremely enjoyable, and it was great to see so many familiar and
new faces from all over New Zealand.

Tae kwon do continues over the school holidays with a short break of
around two weeks over Christmas and New Year (exact dates to be
decided), so please come in to Warrington Memorial Hall on a Monday or
Wednesday 6:00 to 7:30pm and give it a try. Great for fun, for
fitness, new skills and to meet great new people. First month is free
(and after that it is ridiculously cheap).

Contact Paul Foley 478 1113, Tim Bain 021-1672510 or Meaghan Kelly
027-8487913/4731199 for more information.

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