Thursday, 18 November 2010


by Ara Nokomis

When I walk into a new home with the intention of enhancing it
specifically for you there are a few things I am opening to: I want to
know what bothers you when you enter your home after a hard day's
work. What is it you don't want to see or think about to have to do in
order for you to relax into your home? What are the things that create
chaos in your mind (and they are generally little things) that add up
to that mental block, inhibiting your relaxation in your own sanctuary
-- your home?

Cleaning for me entails many things: Order is what I do first, if
necessary, as this is the base for harmony -- a place for everything
and everything in its place. Then it's general surface cleaning
(including inside and outside of cupboard doors) of the kitchen,
lounge/dining areas, bedrooms, bathrooms, toilets, also the windows of
the kitchen, or any stunning or general viewing places, any entrance
doors/windows, skirting, door surrounds, mirrors (for a clear image of

Generally, extra windows (inside and out), leather furniture
polishing, any specialist antique polishing, etc, require dedicated
sessions and call for extra time.  I like to schedule these as focus
sessions or seasonal tasks, as these are more specific needs.

I cater for the individual and what your specific needs are. If you
leave the dishes, I will see they are done, as I feel this an
important aspect for the overall sense of order and peace
for when you return home. If you are fighting a losing battle with
endless washing, I will help you get on top of this. Spider-webbing on
the outside of the house, high dusting, almost anything goes.

I have all my own equipment, and make my own cleaner from household
ingredients which is versatile and leaves a lovely atmosphere in your

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