Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Constable warns trail riders

As summer approaches, Waikouaiti Police Constable Jon-Paul Tremain is
concerned that more of us will be riding trail bikes.

"With more people using the beach, public reserves and gravel back
roads to ride their trail bikes, I think it is timely to remind
everyone what their responsibilities and rules are," Jon said.

"The Land Transport Act 1998 says a 'road' includes a street, a
motorway, a beach, and a place to which the public have access,
whether as of right or not. Which in broad terms means if a vehicle
can be driven on it, then it could be defined as a road."

Jon explained that all vehicles being driven on a road must have a
current warrant of fitness and be licensed to be on the road, and all
drivers orriders of vehicles on a road must have a current New Zealand
Drivers licence suitable for the vehicle they are in control of.

In addition all driver and vehicle related offences that can be
committed on a road can be dealt with by police and the consequences
vary from the issuing of infringement notices to the impoundment of
vehicles and drivers or riders being put before the Court for
offending such as drink-driving or dangerous driving.

"Local police are going to monitor this issue during the summer
months," John warned. "I would strongly urge those riding their trail
bikes in these places to take care not to annoy or endanger other
members of the public. If children are going to use trail bikes in
these areas I recommend it is only done under strict adult

Police will act on any information received regarding rider behaviour
and anyone caught committing offences or causing annoyance in public
places such as sports grounds or Dunedin City Council reserves, may
find themselves receiving trespass or infringement notices.

Jon has a reminder for the festive season. "The end of the year brings
its own pressures and temptations, set realistic goals for Christmas
time and always make suitable arrangements regarding transport if
consuming alcohol."

*road conditions: 0800 44 44 49

*Waikouaiti Police: 03 465 9127

*Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111

*Emergencies: 111

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