Sunday, 21 November 2010

Blueskin Bay Working Breakfast

By Lynnaire Johnston

Following the success of the first Blueskin Bay working breakfast in October, a second was held near the end of last month.
Although considerably reduced in numbers, enthusiasm for the concept remained high, with its official purpose still to be decided. At the initial meeting there were two distinct schools of thought: that it should be a business networking group comprising businesses located in Blueskin Bay; while other attendees had a preference for it to have a more community project focus.
However, from the second meeting it seemed as if a third option could be emerging: a Bluekskin Bay Business Association. The meeting seemed mostly concerned about issues concerning local businesses. Community Board member Alasdair Morrison spoke about the potential of next year's Rugby World Cup to bring visitors to Blueskin Bay. He suggested that local businesses start thinking about how they could benefit from the increased numbers travelling through the area.
Also discussed was the number of recent burglaries and the need for additional vigilance by local residents.
The Blueskin Bay Working Breakfast is an initiative of the Blueskin Resilient Communities Trust and your input is sought on its future direction. Please email Lynnaire Johnston with an indication of your preferred option, as outlined above.
The next meeting will be held in February.
Lynnaire Johnston,

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