Saturday, 23 October 2010

Waterway restorers post a plea to stakeholders

Waterway restorers post a plea to stakeholders

by Laura Blake and Peter Dowden

Donations of fencing materials such as wooden fence posts and iron
stakes are being sought to protect a replanted Warrington stream bed.

The replanting on Church Creek near the Esplanade on '101010' Day was
a great success with about 100 trees, shrubs and flaxes planted. The
weather cooperated by giving the plants a heavy dumping of rain just
as we finished.

The Warrington Wellbeing Waterways group ran a raffle last month. This
will help to fund the cost of the fence needed to prevent stock
entering the creek and eating the vegetation.

The upper part of the creek that surfaces in the farmland will need to
be fenced and planted too.

Gardeners with native seedlings can bring them along to Warrington
School (there are pots behind the office if any one needs them for
their plants). Fence posts and stakes can be dropped off here too. The
replanting team will let plants grow big and strong before planting
them alongside the stream.

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