Saturday, 23 October 2010



by school staff and parents

Warrington School has featured in the Enviro Schools short movie along
with other schools in Dunedin.

Warrington has become an international case study for The Free
Technology Academy (FTA)
which is funded by the European Commision. They are documenting our
educational use of Free Software and Open Standards.

Blueskin Bay FM continues to beam live 24/7 out across the bay. There
is some emerging talent evident in the shows that are being broadcast
and senior pupils are beginning to take a more active involvement in
the managing of the station, creation of jingles and sound

There has been a keen interest by senior pupils in creating
trolleys/go-carts. They are looking for donations of bolts, nuts,
springs, cushions, washers, axles, pipes, wood, pedals, bike handle
bars. tools, small motors, wheels, leather straps, prams.

Thursday 4 November: BOT Meeting
Mon 8 – Wed 10 November; ERO visit
Wednesday 10 November: Junior Athletics
Friday 12 November; Junior Athletics Postponement
Saturday 20 November: Friends of Warrington School dance
Thursday 2 December; BOT Meeting
Wednesday 15 December: End of year assembly 1.30pm
Thursday 16 December: End of Term 4

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