Thursday, 21 October 2010

Warrington Playcentre

By Lisa Hall

Hard to believe another month has flown by and spring has well and
truly settled in. We love frolicking outside on sunny mornings and
have been planting sweet peas, carrots, nasturtiums and sunflowers. We
have a bit of a competition on to see just how tall our sunflowers
will grow!

The gardening bug has also caught up with parents, too, and we are
making plans to develop the unused space behind our building. If you,
or anyone you know is having a spring clean in the garden and have
extra grasses, natives, plants, rocks (all shapes and sizes), willow
branches (for weaving into huts and hides) or topsoil, we would love
to take them off your hands! We plan to create a bit of a 'Wild Thing
Zone' where our little Wild Things can have a few adventures and learn
to search for mini-beasts. Please ring Lisa on 482 2511 or drop off at
the Playcentre if you can help.

Continuing on our spring-ee theme, we had lots of fun creating items
for the Flower Show and Rosa had super-success winning a certificate
each for her sand saucer and bird mask. You should have seen her big
grin! Well done!

Flynn and Jamie became two terrific 2-year olds at the very end of
September, Happy birthday, boys!

We have been enjoying a farm theme recently and have been learning to
use sign language to "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" – it's so much easier
than you think! Jamie's friend Ella is helping us to learn.

A group of us set off for the King's and Queen's Performing Arts
Centre recently where we thoroughly enjoyed the Capitol E performance
of 'Down on the Farm'. This was a great blend of puppets, performers
and music and was thoroughly enjoyed by both parents and children
alike. We are busy planning our next event … watch this space!

We have some fabulous new furniture at Playcentre. Come along and
see/use our very flash breastfeeding chair and very chic red couch,
beautifully styled with an awesome 'Ka Pai' cushion.

Our recent AGM was well attended, and we have an enthusiastic group of
parents keen to get stuck into their new and existing roles. We would
love to share our fun times with you. We are open Wednesday and Friday
9:15am – 12:15pm.

Contact Warrington Playcentre on 021 227 7329, or Mary-Jane Mirfin on 482 1962.

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