Sunday, 24 October 2010

Blueskin Resilient Communities Trust

By Scott Willis

Exciting news! Jeanette Fitzsimons, a great friend of Blueskin Bay and
many time visitor, has accepted a new role as our BRCT patron.
Jeanette's support gives profile to our ambition to run a resilient
local energy system – and pioneer this nationally for New Zealand.

What is just as exciting in Jeanette's support is the link BRCT will
establish with other nationally significant issues while maintaining
our real Blueskin focus. BRCT has grown further with emeritus
professor Gerry Carrington joining the trust and providing a 'bridge'
with our close partner, the Otago Energy Research Centre and the
University of Otago. Simon Sheppard has also joined as BRCT treasurer,
with the trust now consisting of Lynnaire Johnston (chair), Antony
Deaker (secretary), Simon Sheppard (treasurer), Ross Johnston, Tony
Wilson and Gerry Carrington. Trustees and officers provide excellent
governance for BRCT and are good people to talk to if you want to find
out more about BRCT or just what it is that BRCT does and can do.

The word out is that the inaugural Blueskin Bay Working Breakfast
meeting on the 15th of October was a huge success. Jenny Haydon is the
co-ordinator and would be thrilled to hear of others working locally
who would like to attend the next breakfast. Contact Jenny on 4821409
(or see advertisement).

I was blown away by the Blueskin 101010 event (the 10th of October).
BRCT can support crucial actions like this but without the passion and
ability of people like Carl Scott and Virginia Toy and all the others
who co-ordinated walkers, the community get-together, provided great
music, or created great local food, computer revamps, gardened and
planted, etc, nothing could be achieved. That so much was happening on
one of the most atrocious spring days we've had is testament to the
power and adaptability to our greater Blueskin community and certainly
something to be celebrated! The launch of Blueskin Low Oil Commuting
and renewed interest in the W3 Rideshare scheme are just two outcomes
from the day.

Meanwhile, our Angel Volunteer programme is being developed by
Laurence Hay for BRCT. It is also exciting to keep hearing and seeing
the Weggie initiatives producing results both in building greater
links between each community around Blueskin Bay and their respective
youth at the three enviroschools, and in enriching our neighbourhoods
and streets through the Waitati Open Orchard initiative.

More information on the Trust's vision, mission, objectives and
activities is available on the Transition Waitati webpage: or by contacting me on 03 4822048.

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