Friday, 22 October 2010



by Mikaela Wilson

The children at Blueskin Playcentre went to a Capital E play "On the
Road to the Farm" last week. We enjoyed the puppets, songs, live music
and drama. Some of the children from Waitati School joined us.
Thank-you to the staff at Waitati for making this possible.

The play has become a topic of conversation at playcentre. The
children are talking and playing with toy animals and making woolly
sheep. They have chosen their favourite farm animals and made
collages. We plan to take the children to a farm to see some animals

Children have been finding bugs in the leaf litter and looking at crabs from the
beach at their nature table.

As always there is messy play and sand pit fun and much negotiation to
be had. The little people are often found in costume engaging in role
play with each other or racing around the bike track filling up the
bikes with some petrol. We mustn't forget the fire truck (upside down
bath), hose and ladder found outside, as last week a fire had to be
put out when one of our mothers set fire to her kitchen. Luckily we
have so many heros at playcentre who are firewise.

This term we hope to have a visit from a real firetruck and look
forward to a puppet show by Kaitrin Mc Mullen.

We are also learning some new songs and are looking forward to our
Playcentre Production in December.

As we have a large group of four year olds this year we are focussing
on getting them confident and happy before they start school. The
children at playcentre benefit from getting to know each other before
they start at Waitati school. Every day the children get to know each
other better and look forward to having time to play with their
friends during sessions. If you have a child starting school soon
please feel free to pop in and get to know some of the children they
may be at school with, you are very welcome.

We have just had our AGM and organised our budget for the coming year.
We are looking forward to a busy time at Blueskin Playcentre as we
begin fundraising for our move to Waitati School.

Our education team this term includes Ishtar (Course 3), Belynda
(Course 2), Frances (Course 2), Mikaela (Course 1), Mette (Course 1),
Alice (Course 1). Playcentre fosters both adult and child education
and we are grateful to Ishtar who is volunteering her hours at a
Course 3 level next year to help the playcentre with funding to move.

Thank-you to all the families at Playcentre for all of their time and
energy. You make the playcentre a lovely warm caring place to be.

Congratulations to Sarah, Neill, Ben and Tat Carr on the birth of a
beautiful baby boy called Angus (Gus Gus); love from all of us at

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