Sunday, 17 October 2010

Blueskin News committee meeting report: succession planning is the Biggie

Dear BN volunteers and supporters, and also Scott and his energetic friends,

We had an effective and fruitful meeting yesterday of the 'Harry, Ron
and Hermione' of Blueskin News: Craig, Lynnaire and me (that makes me
Hermione I think).

Everything is proceeding nicely. Coleen submitted written accounts,
the most interesting bit was the fact that we have provided $1400
worth of free advertising to community organisations and events this
financial year (since 1 April). There's something to dangle in front
of funding bodies! Our income and expenditure are in good order.
Donations have been coming in lately, enabling us to increase our
print run to 650 copies, a new record.

It was agreed to go ahead with the recipe book, 'Blueskin Bayleaf and
friends' compiled by Roawan Holt (the Bayleaf) and to be sold by
Warrington Playcentre as a fundraiser. Blueskin Media will recover all
costs before proceeds flow to the Playcentre; this is a low-risk way
of them being able to benefit from our publishing skills. Digital
printing will allow us to run off just a few recipe books at a time to
reduce financial risks further.

'Blueskin Bayleaf and friends' will be published on 15 November, in
time for Christmas present buying, so put it on your letters to the
North Pole.

Peter will compile a list of edits and updates to the Blueskin Bay
Visitors' Guide (that map thingy) and we will add ads to it of regular
Blueskin News advertisers which we think will be of interest to
visitors to the area. The rather busy Craig has kindly agreed to make
the edits and insertions. I'll have a crack at the Community Board for
a wee grant to cover printing a few hundred copies.

We are all rather busy and some of us have been doing this for many
years now. To put it in the words of one of us, "enjoy would be an
overstatement" of how we feel about our volunteer publishing work. We
acknowledge the recent input of Louise Burnside to our team, and
reluctantly accept her resignation and wish her all the best in her
artistic endeavours.

Blueskin News is too, too dependent on Harry, Ron or Hermione not
getting run over by a bus (or Hogwarts Express). There is an urgent
need for new input into our core editing team. There will be
advertising in the next Blueskin News pressing this point and calling
for more volunteer publishers. Full training will be provided. If you
can write an email or browse a website, you can publish Blueskin News.
We have other people with spellnig, grammer and poofreading skills, so
please don't let a lack of confidence in writing matters put anyone

Please, all of you, help us by asking friends, family and yourselves
if you would like to contribute to our editorial team. It is said that
while there are many who respond to calls for help, there are may
others who like to be personally asked. So, please, ask them, and
let's have a refreshed team to take BN into the twenty-teens.

Peter Dowden
Blueskin Media

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