Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Warrington Taekwondo (column)

By Meaghan Kelly

Last month Warrington Taekwondo lost a much loved and valued member.
Tracy Kyle died of cancer in early September after battling the
disease for over a year.
She was a member of Warrington Taekwondo for around 10 years, along
with her son, Nick, and her daughter, Josie.
Tracy achieved her black belt in 2007 and was a fantastic instructor
and mentor. She took on all challenges with sheer determination, a
brilliant sense of humour and a grin. We will miss her courage,
integrity, courtesy, respect and indominitable spirit so much.
Warrington Taekwondo trains on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6-7.30pm at
Warrington Memorial Hall. First month of training is free. Come along
and talk to us!

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Meaghan Kelly said...

My sign off seems to have crept into my body text here. I meant for the five tenants of taekwondo ( courage, courtesy, integrity,respect and indominitable spirit) to be put at the bottom of the column. The last sentence of the main paragraph should read "We will all miss her so much."