Monday, 20 September 2010



by school staff and parents

About a month ago, an Enviroschools film crew filmed pupils making up
cleaning products for the market at Seacliff. Our cleaning products
have created significant interest from around the country from other

Our pupils performed well at the recent cross country and orienteering
event with some fast times and positive attitudes.

We hope we have developed a strong enough case to keep our school bus
service. A member of Parliament has written a letter of support to the
Ministry of Education.

Blueskin Bay Open Source Initiative is aiming to get some donated
computers into our local schools. Flag Swamp and Purakanui are the
first recipients of this scheme. Warrington school will be part of
Blueskin Bay 101010 with a computer sharing session on 10 October at
10am here at the school. This is the last Sunday of the holidays.
Senior pupils have been learning how to install the Ubuntu operating
system onto donated computers.

Our Warrington Well­being Waterways project has received a cash
injection of $500 to help with fencing. Wanted – grasses, tussocks,
small hebes and low growing natives for beautifying the front of the
school and any other native plants suitable for growing on and
planting in our stream restoration project.

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