Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Warrington Playcentre

By Mary-Jane Mirfin

Tena koutou katoa, konichiwa, hello to everyone in the Blueskin community.
Spring has arrived and it's great to see our daffodils and blossom out
in our centre's garden. We celebrated the arrival of spring last week
with a visit to Seacliff's village playground and a walk around Truby
King Reserve. Our tamariki are very lucky to have such a wonderful
place to visit, just up the road from Warrington Playcentre. Spring
also means it's time for making masks and flower sand saucer creations
for the annual Waitati Flower Show.
This term, we were visited by the Education Review Office and it was a
successful visit with a very positive report. Our high adult-to-child
ratio was highlighted, which they saw resulted in high quality
interactions between parents and children.
Thank you to Christine, our supervisor, the parents and children who
attended on the day of the visit and showed what a dynamic and
multicultural centre we have. Also, thank you to all the families at
Playcentre for making our centre such a great and worthwhile part of
our community.
We recently had an exciting visit from the Waitati Volunteer Fire
Brigade with the community fire engine. It was especially exciting for
Arlo and Ben Hay, who love dressing up as fire fighters regularly at
playcentre. Thank you to the firefighters for visiting and bringing
the fire engine.
Happy Birthday to Louis who turns five this month. Have a great time
at school. We will miss you. Also farewell to Ben Colbaz who is moving
to Auckland with his family. He has only been here for a short time
but fitted in so well with the kids.
We welcome all young families to our Playcentre. We also have a
fabulous new breastfeeding chair funded by HEHA. New mums should come
and check it out!
We are open on Wednesdays and Fridays, 9.15am to 12.15pm.
Warrington Playcentre, 027 227 7329; Mary-Jane Mirfin 482 1962

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