Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Candidate statement: Sharon (Sophia) Byles


Sharon (Sophia) Byles

Hello, my name is Sophia Byles. I am known as 'Sharon' to many. I
don't mind how you address me.

I am a local Dunedin Resident since 1980 and presently reside in Warrington.

A Business Woman: Ambassador Ltd (1999) & Hoppit Bus CO (2002)

A freelance writer (1991)

A Civil Union Wedding Celebrant (2010)- Spiritual Blessings-Baby Christenings-

A Member of N.Z.F.F.C.F. New Zealand Family Foster Care Federation Since (2006)

A Carergiver with a N.Z. non government organization Since (2005)

I have decided to sit this election as a Candidate for the Southern
District Health Board, as a representative and activist for children.

My belief is that all children (up to age 16), no matter their race,
creed, religion, deserve the privilege of good health and well being.

I hope to be a part of the positive team who keep this vision alive.

With good health there will be good wealth and happiness.

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