Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Blueskin Playcentre (column)

By Mikaela Wilson

Blueskin Playcentre has had a wonderful time during the last few
weeks. Parents have been creating beautiful bug masks with their
children at Waitati school. The children walked together in a
choreographed procession with the Waitati school kids during the very
successful recent Fireworks night. Parents organised the noddy
train, a horizontal bungy cord to challenge children of all age groups
and a small book stall. Thanks to Waitati School for a beautiful
family friendly event.
What has been so fantastic is seeing the parents at Playcentre get
involved with their children's learning. Parents and educators have
been learning stories and noticing what interests our children. Ishtar
and Belynda have been enthusiastic and
supportive of the families they are working with.Thank you for your
dedication and support this term.
The other day as we sat around the kai table before sharing a healthy
morning tea and saying our karakia the adults started singing head
shoulders knees and toes. Eventually we all practised singing heads,
shoulders, knees and toes in English, Maori, Danish and French!
Playcentre really encourages families to share their cultural identity
through song, play, stories and dress-ups. There has been talk of this
for a topic next term. We have families from Australia, Denmark, New
Zealand, California and Papua New Guinea.
The children and adults have very much enjoyed Hinerata's visits. She
has been encouraging us to use Te Reo in our centre. We will miss her
next term and hope she we will visit us from time to time.
Not only have we been learning spoken languages but we have also been
learning sign language. This has been great for all the children.
Ishtar has made a big effort at sharing time to teach our children to
sign. It is incredible how quickly young children learn.
We have all agreed as a centre that we would like to move to a site at
Waitati School. This is now in process. We feel that this will work
very well for our children's transition to school and also create a
learning hub within our community. We appreciate and have enjoyed the
building at Orokonui. We will be there until the plans are finalised
and we have raised enough money to make the move. Thank you to
Russell and his family for having us there.
The AGM for Playcentre is 5 October, 7:30pm at France's place. If you
are interested in the Playcentre way, learning together, please feel
free to drop in any time. We are open Monday, Wednesday and Friday
9.30am to 12pm.
We love getting to know other families and children in our community.

Ā ā Ē ē Ī ī Ō ō Ū ū
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