Sunday, 15 August 2010



by staff, pupils and parents

We had a successful beach clean­up in August with the school scouring
the length of the beach and the back bay picking up rubbish. General
consensus is there seems to be
less rubbish picked up each year. Great news for our beautiful beach!

There was a meeting in August to discuss how we can retain our bus
service. There is a 3 pronged approach to fighting this. The
implications for the school if we lose this service would be sad, with
some families indicating they would struggle to have their children
attend Warrington School. The legislation around school transport was
written in a time when we had Merton, Seacliff and Evandale Schools
still open.

School playground development continues to tick along and it is almost
a year since our extensions and upgrades were finished. The school has
benefited greatly from the new spaces with pupils having places to
perform their dances and plays, wet, cold days are less of an issue
with space for indoor play.

A school play has been written and directed by Natasha and Andrea and
performed by senior pupils at Warrington Hall.

Recorder drive – room one pupils are beginning to learn the recorder –
we are looking for any recorders that are not being used – donate or
let us borrow that would be great.


Wednesday 1 September: Book car
Thursday 2 September: BOT meeting – 7.30pm
Friday 3 September School Disco : Yrs 1-3 5-6.30pm / Yrs 4-8 6.30-8pm
Wednesday 8 September Cross Country
Friday 10th September: Cross Country postponement date
Wednesday 15 September: Book car and book club
Thursday 16 September: Melanie Harper – Kiwi Golf; Software Freedom
Day; 3.15pm Friends of Warrington School meeting
Wednesday 22 September: Get the train day
Friday 24 September: Term 3 Ends

Stories from Room 3

My cat is funny and silly and it has bitten me. She went up the
curtains. She is crazy. - Lyon

I made a boat with Harry and Steven in the Technology shed. We used saws, wood,
screws and sandpaper. It took a few days to make and it was really fun. - Jacob

Here is Polyester. Polyester is Matthew's toy tiger. He had it for a
long time and he gave
it to me. Riley

The day before yesterday my Mum bought me some tops. They are nice. - Alice

Last night my Dad came home with a new teddy. He got it from the bank
because Lolly
got a watch. It came with a scarf and it was blue. The bear was black,
I like it, it looks
happy. My Dad got to go on his bike. I am proud of my Dad. I love my
Dad and Lolly
too. She is kind and Mum and Mrs Russell is kind and beautiful too. - Olive-Coco

Yesterday I went to Mikey's house and Harry came too. We had fun at
Mikey's house.
We played cowboys. Mikey was the master of us. All of us had a horse.
Harry got shot
by me. Harry was the meanest cowboy and Mikey was the second meanest. I was the
nicest cowboy. - Zachariah

My favourite New Zealand place is Queenstown because I like going on
the gondola and
going on the luge. I also like tubing up The Remarkables. - Mitchell

My favourite place is Rabbit Island because it is fun. I have never
been there but my
brother has. I think there are lots of rabbits on the island and I
would like to go there
one day. - Zyon

My favourite place in New Zealand is Queenstown because you can go on
jet boats and
you can go on the gondola and there might be more things to do. - Floyd

My favourite place is Christchurch because my cousins live up there.
Once when I went
to my cousins house I stayed there for 4 nights. - Dion

Room 1 writing on 'virtues'

Friendliness is being a good friend and caring for your friends when
they're hurt or going through a bad and good time. - Joshua

Friendliness - being warm and courteous. Show interest in others,
helping people, don't judge a book by it's cover. Best cure for
loneliness. - Henry

Isobel's favourite Quotes on Creativity:

* "A person's life is dyed the colourof their imagination". - Marcus Aundius

* "Whatever you can do or dream you can do … begin it. Boldness has
genius, power and magic in it". - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Forgiveness, Love, Orderliness, Responsibility, Excellence, Niceness,
Creativity, Enthusiasm. -Acrostic by Florence

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