Friday, 20 August 2010



by Antony Deaker

In this update from Waitati School: a warm and friendly Potluck
Dinner, the return of
Fireworks Night, Roofing tenders received, furniture upgrades
underway, repainting
the school comes next, BMX track in spring, netball collaboration with
successful and fun.

As the school is gearing up for the Bonfire and Fireworks night on
September 18th
see the notice elsewhere in the Blueskin News our bonfire pile has
been dispersing to
different parts of the playground as the kids make huts. The hut mania
has been great
to watch and is a cool example of the childrens creative resourcefulness.

We had a very pleasant school community Potluck Dinner in August. The response
from many families and those from the wider community that attended
was that this
should be the first of many. The Waitati BoT will definitely host
further potlucks and
will extend the invitation widely.

If you are interested in receiving our weekly school newsletter via email please
write to Helen at and she will add you to the
list. Likewise
for families of children that used to attend Waitati keep an eye on our website it is updated weekly.

Heidi is working on a development plan for Waitati Senior Students to
ensure that the
school caters for them in Yrs 7 & 8 and that they are ready for High
School. Term 4
will be an exciting start in this plan as the seniors will make a film
for a December 1st
screening at Hoyts Cinema.

The BoT is excited about a coming refurbishment for much of the school. Tenders
have been received to re-roof the main block. Designers have been consulted and
a new exterior colour scheme narrowed to a range that will work with our bricks
and stonework. By the time school re-opens in 2011 we will be well into the new

Inside the classrooms we have started ordering new furniture. The
children will have
some funky new ergonomically sound and dynamic learning spaces. Other changes
are in the pipeline which when finalised we will report.

With the confirmation of further funding expected soon we will start
work on building
a BMX Bike Skills Park at School. Essentially a large pile of clay and
dirt shaped to
form a track with plenty of features to challenge and excite young
riders. The track
will add much needed safe recreation options for our children in
Waitati and make
more use of the school as a resource for families in the whole
community. All going
well we expect the BMX track to be finished in October.

Finally we want to acknowledge the successful Blueskin netball teams. The teams
were a collaboration of staff and pupils from Warrington and Waitati
Schools and all
reported much fun and pride with the outcome. The Blueskin Diamonds won their
grade! And the Blueskin Jewels never stopped trying and scored many very good

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