Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Local Police News

By Phil Beckwith
Port Chalmers Police

There has been some recent and concerning activity in the Waitati area
over the last few weeks. Some of you will have already heard about
some incidents.
Sometime on August 3 a house was entered on Orokonui Road. It is
understood that a door to the address was not locked. The offender
stole approximately $500 cash and two iPods.
Then on August 9 a young girl arrived home at a Harvey Street address
after school. She heard footsteps upstairs and an unknown male
appeared in the hall doorway. He spoke to the girl saying, "Shush,
don't tell your mum" and then left the property onto Harvey Street. It
appears that nothing was taken from the address, but of course this
type of behaviour is of great concern to the police and the community.
The initial description of this male was an older man in his 50's,
with facial hair only on his chin, medium brown hair, green eyes and
"creepy looking". He was wearing what were possibly work clothes, a
red top, and a name badge reading "TOM".
Some of you will have noticed the recent graffiti on the garage wall
on Brown Street. This is someone who has had some previous experience
or practice at this kind of artwork.
Late in July the police received a report that a van parked in a
driveway on Hill Street was entered. It is suspected that the van was
not locked properly. The offender took some keys and loose change.
On August 12 a pair of skis and ski boots were stolen from an address
on View Street. This property also has access from Hill Street and the
skis and boots were in view of passersby. Through some fine
observation skills by the property owners, the items have been
recovered and a young male will be charged with the theft.
As can be seen, there has been a bit happening in what we would
normally say was a very safe and quiet area of Dunedin. We are also
aware that the police do not hear about or know everything that
All of the above incidents appear to be of the opportunist nature that
involve insecure properties or items easily seen and taken. We know
that is the nature of the community but can only advise that more care
is taken.
If anyone has any knowledge or information that may help in the above
or any other incidents please contact us.
In the event you need to call the police, phone 472 8822. If you need
to leave a message, wait for the operator to answer then ask for the
Port Chalmers mobile telephone where a message can then be left.

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