Thursday, 19 August 2010

Candidate statement: Nancy Higgins

Candidate statement: Nancy Higgins

I have served on the Community Board for two terms, and would like to serve a third.

I have lived in Blueskin Bay for 18 years. I am a self-employed researcher in health, disability and education. Currently, I am doing research at about blind/vision impaired Māori children's access to eye specialists.

I am passionate about our beautiful Blueskin Bay environment and have organised many cleanups of the Warrington reserve and beach.

I believe that community participation keeps us a supportive, friendly, and vibrant community.

Last year, I co-organised the Community Board's 'No Plastic November' initiative, which included local schools selling 'ecobags', workshops on how to make an ecobag, shops reducing or eliminating their plastic bag usage, and an art exhibition being held.

I believe that the Community Board needs to connect more at the grass roots level and I hope to be a part of that. So vote for me!

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