Thursday, 19 August 2010

Candidate statement: Dave Cull

Candidate statement: Dave Cull

Dunedin faces serious challenges: city debt, rising rates, economic
slow-down and deep distrust of Council.

But imagine Dunedin with a thriving economy keeping families here, heritage
buildings protected and used, renewable energy, no debt, modest rate
increases, good housing everywhere, a sustainable environment and great
transport and cycleway infrastructure.

Dunedin won¹t achieve that unless we aim for it and build a unified vision
that engages everyone.

Our city needs a Mayor and Council who genuinely listen to the community,
take control of long-term decision-making, promote infrastructure like
high-speed Broadband for sustainable business and job growth, and face
energy and climate challenges as opportunities.

As Mayor I will listen, focus on the future not the past and work
respectfully and transparently with everyone.

I lead the diverse Greater Dunedin team of talented, energetic candidates.
With your votes we can take our future back and turn Dunedin around.

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