Thursday, 19 August 2010

Blueskin Playcentre

We have been very busy at Blueskin Playcentre this term. We have been
learning sign language, Te Reo, making four plait poi, paper mache
bugs, box robots and colourful fire engines with window shapes,
playing with goop (cornflour and water), building roads, making and
eating pancakes and much, much more!
We even had a visit to Waitati School and the art gallery.
Our library corner is full of books we borrowed from Blueskin Library.
We plan on borrowing new books every two weeks to keep the children
interested in reading.
Our next trip is to the Botanical Gardens on the first day of spring.
This is to inspire us to make something exciting at workshops with
artist Karen Snow. We will be participating in the Waitati School
fireworks night Little Green Things procession to show what we have

Books for Fireworks Night fundraising
On September 18 we will be fundraising for the Playcentre. We are
asking if anyone in the community could please donate secondhand books
we could sell on the night. The Playcentre is open Monday, Wednesday,
Friday 9:30am-12:30pm. If you are able to drop books off we would be
very grateful.

Education Night September
A new way to care for the environment
Keen to clean your house with a clean conscience?
Enjo can show the way!
Come to a meeting with Playcentre families Wednesday September 8,
7.30pm at the Waitati Hall.

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