Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Blueskin Bay Library

Entertainment Saves you $$$s at your Library
By Louise Booth

Did you know your local Library rents the latest DVDs? From television
series and documentaries, to new release films, DVDs are $4 each, or
you can take out three DVDs for just $6! 'Hot Picks' DVDs are $5 to
rent and include the latest blockbuster movie releases. You get to
keep all our DVDs for a week, so you don't have to rush to watch them
overnight, and can organise a family movie night or a get together
with friends.
Check out and search the catalogue. You
will be amazed at the DVDs we have in stock, and you can order a DVD
from another Library or 'Suggest an Item' if we don't have what you
are looking for. If we buy your request in, you will get the first
opportunity to borrow the DVD!
Save yourself time and money by using our free, fast broadband and
wireless internet access. Film, music and images all eat up your
download limits at home and can slow down your computer. Save stress,
and come and download what you need from one of our Library computers.
Our broadband connection is really fast and it could save a surprising
amount off your internet bill at home! If you have a laptop you can
choose a cosy corner to browse the internet, or do your work.
We also have Skype, iTunes and all the Microsoft Office features on
our computers, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint - so if someone in
your home is hogging the computer, book in some free time on a Library
computer and use the time and money you save to enjoy a coffee
Blueskin Bay Library is open late till 7.00pm every Monday and 6.00pm
every Thursday and Friday.

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