Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Warrington Playcentre

By Rowan Holt

There has been lots of fun for everyone lately at Warrington
Playcentre. On the last night of term we had a dance party to
celebrate mid-winter. Everybody brought along some food, we decorated
our centre, turned the lights down and boogied until past our bed
time. We enjoyed some fireworks outside when it was dark and one of
the mums even showed us how to dance with fire poi! The next morning's
clean-up was fun too, with the sun shining, more music and parents
chatting while the children played in the morning winter sun. It's
times like this that we reflect on what a wonderful community we live
in and how lucky we are to have each other.

Sadly, very soon we will be saying good bye to our friends Rhiannon
and Oliver who are going to live in Scotland with their parents Priya
and Jason. We wish them all the best and hope they will take many
wonderful memories of Blueskin Bay with them.

On Friday 23 July, we invited everyone from the Warrington community
to join us for coffee and cupcakes. This was sponsored by Nescafe and
is our chance to acknowledge the community, meet new people and say
thank you for your ongoing support.

The Big Latch On is a nationwide breast feeding event taking place on
August 6. The aim is to get as many  women as possible to feed at the
same time, to promote breast feeding. Warrington Playcentre is a
registered venue, so if you are breastfeeding or have friends or
whanau who are, please come along and join us. We will make you
welcome and of course it's an opportunity to meet new faces. August 6,
9.30am, Warrington Playcentre, cnr Stephenson St and Station Road.

Our session times are Wednesday and Friday 9.15am-12.15pm.

See you soon! Ka Kite Ano

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