Saturday, 24 July 2010

Waitati School

By Antony Deaker

Stuff's happening − we have a new new entrants' teacher (see below),
the legendary Waitati bonfire and fireworks night is back, there's a
new roof, the waharoa is nearly finished, and we've got school trips
to ski fields, art galleries and Moana Pool.

The Waitati School PTA has been successful with raising funds and the
necessary support to put on a bonfire and fireworks community event on
September 18 at the School. Apart from a large bonfire pile, there
will be live entertainment, bouncy castles, food and a stellar
fireworks display.

The PTA has chosen one of the last weekends prior to the start of
daylight saving so that we will have a dark night that is still early
enough for families to get kids to bed etc.

In the next few months we will have formal blessings and an opening
for the waharoa (gateway) whichh has been designed by Alex Whitaker
and involved the pupils in hands-on art making. The waharoa represents
the story of Tawhaki and his quest for knowledge.

Meanwhile the kids are studying art, energy, fund-raising for a ski
trip soon and a camp later and looking forward to swimming lessons at
Moana Pool.

Introducing Sarah Wilson
Hello, I have recently been appointed a classroom teacher for terms 3
and 4. I am thrilled to gain the position, and with a newly appointed
principal am feeling positive about the fresh energy for the coming
terms. I am looking forward to meeting the staff, the parents and the
children, and becoming a part of the diverse Waitati community.

I have traveled extensively and have recently returned from living and
teaching in Bristol, England for the past three years where I gained
valuable experience and expertise in the junior school setting. I
graduated from the New Zealand Graduate School of Education in 2006
and received top quality training that prepared me for the classroom
environment the day I qualified.

Teaching the curriculum in reliable, fun and creative ways to ensure
sound learning is an important foundation for any child, and when this
knowledge is taught through the concepts of awareness, honesty and
responsibility it supports individuals to develop many capabilities
and make independent decisions.

I am interested in education, it really is an ongoing source of
discovery, and it offers a wealth of opportunities to all of us as
life long learners! I am also a fan of yoga, dance and walking in

Ā ā Ē ē Ī ī Ō ō Ū ū
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