Saturday, 24 July 2010

Farewell Chris Meder

By Nicky Clarke and Louise Burnside

Chris Meder, well known Blueskin Bay sculptor of Recycled Relics,
sadly lost his battle with cancer on July 17. His greatest achievement
to date was realised with the birth of his daughter Olive, just 10
days earlier. Hundreds of friends and family gathered together to
celebrate the life of 39-year old Chris. The service told of a life
lived outside the box, overwhelmingly filled with fun and family.
Chris fulfilled his aspirations through his art, film and working his
block of land on the Kilmog, with partner Mirriam.
Chris touched many lives, from John McGlashan classmates to movie
industry arty types. Chris worked from his creative welding workshop
on his sculpture; many of us are familiar with his extraordinary
animal forms constructed from scrap metal. Lately he found his forte
in the steampunk genre at the exhibition in Oamaru. His creative
spirit will be sadly missed. Rest in Peace Chris, from Gallery on
Blueskin, on behalf of the residents of Blueskin Bay.

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Hi Lynnaire, Louise and i constructed the following after attending
Chris's funeral yesterday. Hope its in time to get into the News.

Louise is away on holiday this week but will be back in time to whip
up the calendar if you can reserve a space for it to be slotted in at
the last minute.


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