Thursday, 22 July 2010

Community Board Update

By Alasdair Morrison, chairman, Waikouaiti Coast Community Board

The Waikouaiti Coast Community Board is planning a dedicated website
which will be linked directly to the Dunedin City Council site
( There will be links to the local news websites
- Blueskin News and POWA, plus other local websites of interest. Our
question is - what else would you like to see included on this local
website, one which would be kept up to date continually? Please send
any ideas to board member Andy Barratt,
Warrington Domain
A public meeting was held in Warrington recently about 'Boy Racers'
causing unacceptable noise and damage to Warrington Domain. By the
time this issue goes to print we will have received the responses to a
survey which was sent to the Warrington community seeking their views
on the best options for solving this problem. More news on the outcome
in the next issue of Blueskin News.
Waitati Curve Realignment
The NZ Transport Agency (formerly Transit NZ), together with board
representatives, held an information meeting in Waitati recently to
display maps, plans and design concepts for the upcoming Waitati Curve
Realignment. This is likely to start within the next year and will see
a more gentle curve formed at the Waitati intersection. A consequence
of this realignment will be the relocation of the Blueskin General
Store to the eastern side of the highway - initially to a temporary
location and then to its final location once the roadworks are
complete. There will also be alterations to bus stop locations and
commuter parking areas. Please talk to a board member if you have any
Port Otago Dredging
The board is facilitating a public meeting to discuss the proposed
Otago Harbour dredging which is part of the 'Project Next Generation'.
This will be an ideal opportunity for anyone who has concerns about
the possible effects of offshore disposal of the dredged material to
come along and hear details of this project. See separate notice in
this issue.
Blueskin Youth Centre Association
The Board has been assisting the BYCA with its application for funding
for a feasibility study in the wider Blueskin Bay area with regard to
providing facilities for the youth of the area, as well as for other
community groups.
Local Body Election
Once every three yeas the time comes when you may think of standing
for election to the Community Board, the Council, the Health Board or
the Regional Council. Please feel free to contact any Board member to
find out more about what is involved and how much of your time would
be required.

Waikouaiti Coast Community Board - current members
Alasdair Morrison 482 2505
Gerard Collings 465 7604
Geraldine Tait 482 2517
Andy Barratt 012 890 048
Nancy Higgins 482 1198
Murray Holland 465 7482
Councillor Andrew Noone 465 7157

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