Thursday, 22 July 2010

Blueskin Garden Club

By Lynnaire Johnston

With spring nearly upon us (I wish it would hurry up!), gardeners'
thoughts turn to new plants for the new season's garden. While we all
love spending up large in the nurseries, the cheapest way to acquire
plants is to propagate your own, and that's the theme of the Blueskin
Garden Club's August meeting.
Hampden peony and perennial grower, Tina Lawrence, will demonstrate
the art of growing plants for free on August 12 at 7pm, in the Waitati
Hall's meeting room.
A former nursery owner, Tina grows and sells a wide variety of plants,
some of which she will have on sale at the meeting.
While this is a Blueskin Garden Club event, we welcome other keen
gardeners who may wish to join us to learn the finer points of
The following month is the Club's annual Spring Flower Show, to be
held over the weekend of September 25 and 26 in the Waitati Hall.
Trophies will be given for champion exhibit, champion bloom, highest
scoring family, floral design, flowering shrubs and top scoring
junior. Of special interest will be the men's competition, for which
anything from "the bloke's shed" may be entered.
From flowers to baking to crafts, all Blueskin Bay residents and
pupils from the local schools are invited to take part.
● Blueskin Garden Club, Glenys Clements 482 2640

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